The GRACE Tour

The GRACE Tour brings hope and inspiration to faith based organizations, communities, and schools. The GRACE Tour is be based around different individuals who will be able to relate to the audience through there life experiences. They speak, sing, and share their personal stories of how they triumphed and overcame amazing odds. The GRACE Tour gives those who are in attendance hope while encouraging them to take their lives to the Next Level in all areas of life, which is what Next Level Living is all about.

Meet  Gracie  our "Grace Tour Van"

Meet Gracie our "Grace Tour Van"

Meet "GRACIE" Our Grace Tour Van!


The GRACE Tour started in 2014. Jeremy and every member of the tour has their own story of their experience of God's GRACE.  They've been set free from depression, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, fornication, drug dealing, homelessness, and many other things that plague the lives of God’s people. Their upbeat and down to earth approach touches the hearts and minds of their audience. The mission of the GRACE Tour is accomplished through music and speaking. The anointing that flows from their worship, and testimony make the GRACE Tour a life changing experience. Their message is clear ... God Restores!

Below are some of The GRACE Tour's mini documentaries, that will give you a glimpse of the work we do as we've traveled the country.