Community Outreach Program

Next Level Living’s, Community Outreach Program will provide motivational talks to at-risk and under privileged youth in urban communities. Next Level Living will also provide inspirational seminars to inner-city youth and young adults at community facilities such as: YMCA, Group Homes, and Public Schools After-Care programs. Next Level Living, Inc. recognizes that communities shape people, and since we can’t take people out of their communities, Next Level Living can bring motivation and inspiration to them. If we can help impact the lives of people in communities, they will in turn build a better community, and that community will help build a better world. 


In addition to the work that we're doing in the local urban communities, we've also started a program at the Fulton County Jail in  Atlanta, GA. This program take place twice a month, were our spokesperson, and other guest speakers mentor the youngest population incinerated.  Captain Terri Glanton who's over the jail saw so much value in our program that we have unlimited access to the jail. The Fulton county jail has 2 pods filled with 17 year old males. These young men lack fathers, high school diplomas, and their futures are looking dem. Our program promotes the importance of reading and education, and donates brand new books. In our program we discuss the importance of education, proper decision making, & life skills. We are in the process of helping the young inmates find their purpose in life, so that when they get released they can make better decisions that will give them and their families a promising future.